Get smart about professional health results

We wish everyone were healthy. Being healthy makes a life so much better! But not everyone is healthy, with most health solutions focusing only on the most common denominator — while everyone is in fact unique. As a result, many great health professionals are bound to work without the single most important ingredient:
the blueprint that is their clients’ DNA.

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A complete insight
in your clients'
genomic blueprint
The client is
actively engaged
in the process
Improved results
for long term
customer relationships
Full support in
marketing and sales
for your practice

The smartDNA Genomic Wellness Test provides professionals with a profound insight into the unique composition of their client’s DNA. Its tailored advice for specific DNA traits and challenges allows you as an approved smartProfessional to offer your client a holistic, hands-on and fully personalized consult.

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reach their own optimum health.
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