Order process

If you are looking to get optimal results, working with the most advanced product is the smart thing to do.


The smartDNA Genomic Wellness Test

To be able to fully understand the phenotype or presentation of your client, you need to understand your clients Nutrigenomic profile. The smartDNA Genomic Wellness Test offers valuable insights, so that you as smartProfessional can create a tailored health strategy.


Registration and ordering

You have to be a smartProfessional to be able to order the smartDNA Genomic Wellness Test. smartProfessionals log on to the smartProfessional Portal to order a test for their client. The client will be invoiced directly, ensuring convenience and quick response times.


Easy handling

Upon receipt of the payment you will receive the smartDNA Genomic Wellness Test to your practice in a manageable package that includes the test kit, all necessary paperwork and a pre-addressed return envelope.


Collecting the sample

The smartDNA Genomic Wellness Test package includes easy to follow instructions. You will supervise your client when they dispense saliva into the test tube. Then, you will complete the paperwork together, sign and date everything and return the package to smartDNA.


Sample tracking

smartDNA has advanced sample tracking so you know where your client's sample is during the entire process. The smartProfessional Portal will allow you to track the sample and remain up to date with the sample status.


State of the art laboratory

Your clients sample will be securely sent to our highly advanced smartDNA laboratory, it is NATA accredited operating to government accredited standards, and remains up to date with new laboratory equipment so we can work with the latest machinery and are able to always keep improving the output of our testing. In addition to that, we realize we handle highly personal information and that is why we work according to the highest standards for security and safety.


Sample Results

The report results will be securely sent to you directly, and will not be released prior to your client. Please arrange a consultation with your client to discuss their genomic profile in detail.


Personalized Genomics

You will be able to integrate this new genomic information with your current protocols for optimized health and wellness. Your patient will be actively engaged in their targeted strategy for optimal health.

The smartDNA Genomic Wellness Test provides professionals with a profound insight into the unique composition of their client’s DNA. Its tailored advice for specific DNA traits and challenges allows you as an approved smartProfessional to offer your client a holistic, hands-on and fully personalized consult.

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